4Jun2020 – Coming soon! Quite shortly, hopefullly:
Come Join the Harvest! Parking lot worship and a beautiful day made for fine fellowship here at HMC! Keep the Faith!

It is our first week back in our sanctuary with social distancing in place. We only allowed seating in every other pew and still had 68 mebmers come and worship with us. We thank everyone for their continued support as we try to navigate these uncharted waters. Please know that we will continue our online presence even though we are back in the building. Please continue to Like and share! We are glad that you have joined us for worship whether it is locally, statewide, nationally or world-wide and as always Keep the Faith!

Welcome to our first Sunday worship service back into our church since the stay at home order here in Mississippi was given. Even though we were not in our sanctuary it was really good to see 55 members of our congregation together in church. We not only celebrated Pentecost Sunday and being back in church, we also honored our High School Senior Ms. Kaitlyn M. Gosa who graduated with a 3.96 grade point average. God Bless and as always Keep The Faith!

What a beautiful time at worship with HMC this morning! We plan to reopen worship services this coming Sunday, May 31, so mark your calendars and Spread the Word!

Episode 8 of Bro Roger’s Neighborhood: Come Holy Spirit!
The day is approaching when many of the things we once took for granted, then temporarily lost, will become possible once more. Let us approach that day soberly, prayerfully, and safely. Until then, what a joy to connect and worship as we have!
As always, we hope you will all share the video (Let’s get 20+ shares!) on social media and Spread the Word where you can. Much love, and Grace and Peace to you all! Keep the Faith!

Week 6 of Bro Roger’s neighborhood, and going strong! Bro Roger and all the staff send out our love to our families, friends, neighbors, and the ever-expanding digital universe. Keep us up with you, keep up with each other, and Keep the Faith!

Last Sunday was such a blessing to see everyone gathered in our parking lot for our Easter Worship service. Although we kept our social distancing as recommended, we were still able to serve over 90 people communion and the weather held off just long enough for us to finish the service and still get people home safely.

We were truly blessed today with singing by Butch Bryan and being able to hear Bro. Roger’s message in person. It was also good to see our church family and friends even though it was from a distance as required. The weather held off just long enough for us to finish the service and say our good byes. God is good all the time and All the time God is good.

We are having worship at 10:00a Easter Sunday morning, out in our parking lot. Starting tomorrow, Good Friday, through Sunday morning, everyone is invited to decorate the cross with flowers, as is our tradition.

Episode 3 of Bro Roger’s Neighborhood: From Psalm 23 and Matthew 21:1-11, this Palm Sunday narrative shows us our God not only as Protector and Friend, but also as provider of Salvation in the midst of difficult times. The video will release at 10:30a this Sunday morning, April 5th, 2020. We love you all, and our prayers are with you! Keep up with each other; our prayer ministries are vital and growing, so let the office, or one of our lay servants, or Bro Roger know of any needs anywhere. Please share the video, and comment. Let us know how you are, and what’s on your mind! Keep the Faith!