It was a great day to be back in God’s house and seeing all of you that could attend. We are sorry it is late, due to technical issues it could not be helped. We love each and everyone of you and as always please continue to Like and Share! Keep the Faith.

As important to us today as it was in its origin, James 2 ends with a Word on works grounded in Faith. To quote an old poem, ‘To see good done to others is what everybody needs.’ Faith in Action. We love you all! Keep the Faith!
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James’ epistle stands out for its practical treatment of the spiritual life of the Church. Today we look at the latter part of the first chapter. We love you all!
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Happy New Year! We love you all and miss you! The Scripture for today is from the first chapter of the Gospel of John.
Thought for the new year: Stay in love with God, and the ‘Do unto others’ stuff starts to make more sense more often.
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Merry Christmas! It was such a joy to share Christmas Eve Communion with everyone a few nights ago. Our Love goes out to you all, as do our prayers for a very different New Year! Keep the Faith, and, as always, LIKE and SHARE so that we get the Word out.


It’s so close now! This is our final Advent devotion; Christmas Eve is near. We here in Bro Roger’s neighborhood look forward to our Christmas Eve service! Hope to see you there. KEEP THE FAITH!

Peace Over Fear
Grace and Peace to you all from Bro. Roger’s Neighborhood! This is the Third Sunday in Advent, and we grow more eager each day as we anticipate Jesus coming into the world anew.
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Bro Roger’s Neighborhood: This is the second of of our New (Church) Year’s Advent series. We wish you all Light in the darkness and Hope amidst fear. Keep the Faith!
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Happy New (Church) Year from Bro. Roger’s Neighborhood! Advent marks our reset with renewed anticipation of Christ’s birth in this world. May the Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Light of Christ be for you and in you this season!
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